Jimmy is happily surfing the net and chatting to his friends online when Rod comes in and starts moaning, its his laptop and he did not give permission for it to be used. Rod makes a grab at Jimmy and ends pulling his T shirt off, but the protestis in vain as Jimmy is dragged OTK and his tight red jeans curving over his bubble butt offer Rod a great target. Rod spanks Jimmy and the lad struggles and squirms, Rod is a bigger stronger lad and has been on the end of many a spanking himself and really enjoys getting his own back at every opportunity. He strips Jimmy naked and whats this we see, he is using the same spank and grab technique used by Craig – he must have learned this when Craig spanked him. The result is that Jimmys little butt goes deep red with lovely white hand marks showing. Rod is up to his old tricks and makes Jimmy suck his dick in between spankings. When Jimmy is bent over the edge of the sofa and struggling Rod really spanks and grabs hard – treating us to flashes of Jimmys hole as he is pulled into position by the butt cheek. Rod gets more and more horny as he switches between spanking and getting his dick sucked and in the end he shoots a huge load over Jimmys face before throwing him out the room.

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