Pat, who we have not seen for a couple of years as he was away working, is back and he took in a lodger to help out. The lodger, Ben, is a lazy surly brat, spends his days sat on the couch playing games on his mobile. When Pat gets in and goes to the kitchen for a drink and something to eat he finds the fridge is empty – again. Ben has made no effort to do the shopping and a hungry Pat is a very unhappy Pat. he confronts the brat who just shrugs his shoulders and carries on playing his game. Pat is a man possessed and he grabs a hold of Ben and pulls him, struggling and protesting over his knee. The mop haired lad is thrashing round wildly as Pat spanks him hard, pausing only to remind the lad why he is looking at the carpet. Once soundly spanked Ben is told to go and do the shopping right away and Pat sees him out the apartment. Coming soon is part 2 when we see what happens after the shopping.

preview for update named Cal and Neil The Dealpreview for update named Jacob - Messy Brat