Cal gives Neil the task of clearing up the lumber room, Neil wants to stay a while so he has to prove he is tidy and hard working and this is a great place to start. Once left alone Neil makes a start but is soon distracted and settles down to read a book, but it is all to much and he nods off, looking sweet and peaceful asleep on the couch. Cal pops his head round the door and is not happy at seeing Neil asleep so without any attempted to wake the guy he pounces on him and pulls the sleepy guy OTK and starts to really lay it on. As Neil is now wide awake his spanking is mixed with some stern words from Cal and the look on the guys face says he is starting to regret falling asleep. When Cal whips down Neils trackies it turns out he is wearing a jock strap. The great thing about jocks is that the bare ass is instantly available, no fumbling round trying to get underwear down as well. And Cal really does appreciate it as his hand cracks down onto the fuzzy buns that are beautifully framed by the straps. Cal must be angry because the lovely cherry red bloom on the lads bum is joy to see. A great debut for Neil and a lovely butt presented well and ending in a nice contrast between the white straps and the rosy red.

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