Ricky Bottom up

Ricky is dozing on the couch, naked. Now we all know the rules of the house and walking around or laying around naked is a no no. So as he is happy just laying there he is is told to raise his as [...]

Naughty Mark

For some reason Mark cannot tell the time and is always late. Told to drop his trousers and lean over the couch he gets a reminder on telling the time. His tight white underwear reveal his [...]

Philip because he needs it

Philip like all lads needs a regular spanking to cover his multitude of sins. The best way to do this with Philip is OTK with the ping pong bat. The bat always brings out the best colour in [...]

A bad day for new lad Mark

A clip in story format with some voice over and music. Told from Marks point of view. Here is a brief summary of what happens. Marks day starts off as his days usually do. He is not a morning [...]

His regular spanking

Ricky is one of those guys that needs a regular spanking to keep in hand and under control. Called in he almost throws himself OTK and ends up in a wide open position. He gets a good spanking and [...]

Trouble for Jeff

Being a somewhat lazy lad Jeff is always going to be doing the wrong thing at the wrong time. The last thing to be doing after a shower is sit there and play with the damned mobile phone. His [...]

A Cadet in Trouble 2

Having been in trouble earlier in the day for lack of achievement in physical exercises cadet Cal is now in trouble for poor classwork. The officer has been waiting for him to appear, which is [...]

A Cadet in Trouble 1

Cadet Cal is in trouble for tardiness at physical training and faces the wrath of officer Craig. A good stiff over the knee spanking is whats needed and just what he gets. A few hard ones on the [...]

Water Mistake

Philip is trying to be nice and is bringing Ricky a drink. But he trips up and throws it all over him instead. Furious that he is soaked Ricky grabs Philip and drags him OTK and really lays into [...]

Ricky Walloped

This clips shows just what happens to a lazy brat when they repeatedly ignire the rules. Ricky is bent over the couch and has his trackies pulled down and gets the strap laid on well. His ass [...]

A Cal Quickie

Cal has come home from work looking like he has been dragged through a hedge backwards. He left in the morning looking immaculate and now this. There is only one way to deal with this and thats a [...]

Miks forest finale

This is a real butt blazing finale to Miks trip to the forest. The brush is out and the swats are hard, that means Miks butt is ablaze and looking a real picture. Craig hold nothing back as he [...]

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