A clip in story format with some voice over and music. Told from Marks point of view. Here is a brief summary of what happens. Marks day starts off as his days usually do. He is not a morning person and waking up is difficult. There is a cure for this and it involves being pulled out of bed and OTK and getting his ass tanned. Things go from bad to worse as he goes to uni in the wrong trousers and gets caned for it. Ifthats not bad enough he gets another OTK when he gets home because its know there as well. A little reflection on the day laying on his bed, where he recalls his friends Philip and Conrad also go the cane, makes him start to think that maybe it might be his own fault. He finds that he is forgiven and allowed out for the evening as long as he is home early. Of course he turns up late, very late, and once more he is OTK and getting the ping pong bat on his ass. Three lads and 6 spankings its a super clip. With his cheeky grin and stunningly spankable butt I am sure we will see a lot of Mark.