Ricky Hoist

Ricky is just out the shower, where he left a mess and needs a quick reminder about housework and cleanliness. Being a taller lad his is on tip toe as he is high up OTK. This means he is slightly [...]

Locker Room 3

This one should have been added before to go with the other two locker room scenes. We left Philip cleaning the floor after his reaction to his spanking from coach Cal. But he is really not [...]

Luke can’t help it

Luke has been doing what lads do and has fallen asleep when he has finished. Blissful in his dozing he is quite happy with his handy work. As happens from time to time he is discovered in this [...]

Lazy Eddy

Sat there looking at porn on his phone Eddy knows he should be doing chores around the place. He really does not care and it starting to get quite horny when he is caught out. Standing there he [...]

Luke Hard

Luke has overstepped the mark again and has to pay for it. But being in the early morning he has his mind on other things and no matter the telling off he is showing where his thoughts are [...]

Locker Room 2

After training Philip is a little tired but Cal is not impressed with his times, and add that to his tardiness with attendance and its not going to end well. A short lecture and its OTK and look [...]

Locker Room

Cal is being briefed on the status of students in the gym class and it appears that Philip has been late several times. Cal does not like tardiness and waits to talk to Philip. In strolls Philip, [...]

Cal Sulks

After his spanking Cal struts around rubbing his ass and starting to sulk, he thinks he didnt deserve it. Well he did and his attitude is not good enough. He should not be surprised that he finds [...]

Messy Cal

Cal has left the bathroom in a mess and even though he is in a towel he is thrown down on the couch and given a good hard strapping. Laying full length, half on and half off the couch, legs apart [...]

Jeff Quickie

A small clip of Jeff OTK as he always needs a spanking. Jeff has a lovely butt to see OTK, the shape of it cries out for a spanking. He also seems to have caught looking back over his shoulder [...]

Good Exercise

Ricky is doing pull ups and playing around he gradually stripping off as he does them. he ends up in what has to be the most revealing position, his feet gripping the bar and swinging gently. Not [...]

Jeff unwise move

Jeff needs cash and rather than ask for it he decides to help himself. Caught red handed he has to drop his trousers and underwear and kneel on the sofa while his punishment is collected. For [...]