Luke has been doing what lads do and has fallen asleep when he has finished. Blissful in his dozing he is quite happy with his handy work. As happens from time to time he is discovered in this state and and has a rude awakening, being told to kneel on the couch and feel the slim paddle on his ass. The paddle has two effects, one we expect the glow on his ass and the other is a surprise considering his previous condition, he starts to get hard again. Not just hard but rock hard until as his butt stings he blows a load again. Always good to see a lad get this excited at a spanking. But when this is spotted he not only gets more with the paddle but this time he is told to wait. A bowl and sponge are bought in and he has to clean up the mess he has just made. The paddle keeps whacking down on his ass while he does the cleaning as a reminder. A super sexy clip with Luke.