We are often asked what happens off camera, what is it really like? Well this is what happens and why its called ” The Real deal ”. Eric didnt show the day before and today he is 20 minutes late, so the cameraman is told to set one camera going and follow the action when the guy arrives. Finally he is there and and from the off he is in a world of hurt. shouted at and then told to strip and bend over the chair for the cane. There is a bater between the cameraman and Tony all the way through the clip as it follows this spanking in a documentary style. Eric has to do corner time between spankings, while the guys go off for tea and coffee, and the 2nd camera follows it all in real time – so there is a lot of corner time in this clip. What is revealed is that Eric cant stand still and that has to be discussed with him at a later time. After the first corner time he gets the paddle on top of the cane strokes and then another corner time and the brush OTK. No messing, no story but areal glimpse into the world of being a model at the studio

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