The bigger they are the harder they fall, so true for Rod, who as we know from previous clips can be bit of a bully. Well today is judgement day and he now has to pay the price and take it like a man. From the nervous looks at the opening he is first faced with the cane. The stripes raise nice welts on his small hard ass and make him yelp and buck in the spanking dance. Then the paddle comes out and on top of the canes strokes this really does make this so called tough guy whimper. Then the strap, look at the red welts blossom as it cracks down on his butt. Then a final set OTK with the small rubber paddle, looks innocent enough but hurts like hell, as Rods protests testify to. The overall effect is a well spanked ass that glows in the dark and guarantees he will be sleeping on his belly for a couple of days.

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