Philip is looking through Cals clothes for something to wear, not a wise idea. Of course he gets caught in the act by one angry Cal. He is made to kneel on the sofa and Cal lands a few swats with his hand. This is not enough and he tells Philip to stay put while he fetches the strap. The trackies that Philip is wearing are to thick and have to be pulled down. The strokes on his ass through the black briefs seem to do the trick. His bare ass is next and Cal looks furious all the way through as he lays it on the lad. But being sorry is not enough and Philip has to learn a lesson. But cal has miscalculated and when he gives Philip his final warning, lifting him up by the TShirt, the domination is too much and Philip just lets a load go. Cal is dumbfounded and shouts at the lad to get out FAST. A really first rate clip with Cal in a foul temper and Philip as out of control as ever.