Philip The Final Demand

Not only has Philip run up a big bill he hid the first demand and now the final red demand has turned up. There is only one way to deal with him and thats OTK. His face really shows that he knows [...]

A Present for Ricky

Lads are all the same, leave them alone for five minutes close to Christmas and they are looking in all the cupboards for presents that have been hidden away. Ricky is on a present hunt and [...]

Mark as well

Things are starting to get seasonal with the lads and Mark has turned up in Santa boxers. Like Santa he also appears to have some tucked away in them. He is told off for yet another misdemeanor [...]

That’s Mine!

Cal catches a very furtive Philip looking through his clothes and is far from happy. He drags the light fingered lad OTK and lays into him. The swats on the trackies are no where near enough so [...]

Ricky Swore

Ricky was caught swearing under his breath and theres only one way to deal with that, a good spanking. He is wearing black trackies and grey underwear both of which really compliment his pert [...]

Mark Late

Mark is marched in and pulled OTK, no messing around. He gets a good spanking on the jeans, which actually fit so well his ass looks great. Then on his light blue underwear all by hand. Then once [...]

Connor Late

Connor is bought to book by the ear and told once and for all not to be late home. He finds himself OTK for his tardiness. First spanked on the jeans then the tight white underwear and finally [...]

Ricky Carpet Beater

Given the small task of beating the rugs before everything is prepared for Christmas sounds like an easy task, but when you are engrossed in your phone like Ricky it is impossible to do. So [...]

Sorry Cal

Philip is looking through Cals clothes for something to wear, not a wise idea. Of course he gets caught in the act by one angry Cal. He is made to kneel on the sofa and Cal lands a few swats with [...]