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A heavy clip, lots of drama and a lot of bullying so BE WARNED. This clip is a requested story submitted by TL of the USA – many thanks Rod has managed to grab a place to stay after his encounter at the sauna. However, he is not the nice easy going guy he appears and sets about bullying Paul who is a lot smaller than himself. Rod is nearly caught once but manages to get Paul to say nothing. The lazy bully tells Paul to do his laundry and threatens him if he doesnt. Then when he sees that Paul has taken a shirt he had decided to throw away he goes mad and rips the shirt off the lad and then spanks him rough and hard. In the climax to the clip Paul has just jerked off in the kitchen when he is caught by Rod who sees that he has his laptop and grabs the lad and spanks him again, this time he is so turned on he makes Paul give him a blow job as well. Just as he has cum in the lads face Tony comes in and sees the scene and explodes with anger. He comforts Paul and sends him off to wash himself, having asked if this level of bullying has been going on for a while. He turns and slaps Rod across the face hard telling him that this is totally unacceptable. Paul returns and watches as the bully is humiliated. Rod is thrown over the kitchen table and belted hard, when he stands up trying to stop the punishment he is faced down by the bristling Tony, Rod is obviously not the tough bully he thinks he is by now. In a final attempt to see justice done Paul is allowed one hard swat on Rods battered rear before Rod is made to apologise and shake hands.1 clip


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