This clips is available in 2 formats. This is the full clip with all the angles and face shots we usually have, the second clip is a static camera to capture the whole action without any edits. Murray has said 5 times he is coming to work and 5 times has failed to show up. He is now going to learn that sending an SMS or making a call is better than saying nothing. He is told to drop em’ and get OTK. Getting a good walloping and straining to control himself. A short pause as the paddle and ping pong bat are fetched and then he is told to remove his T shirt and get back OTK. A set with the ping pong bat colours his butt nicely and his clenched buttocks are now nicely warmed up for the paddle. The thwacks of the paddle keep his buns tight for maximum effect.He is really sheepish now and his butt is telling him he has to learn to communicate better. Its a lesson he has learned the hard way

preview for update named Orrin homework part 2preview for update named Ricky over sleeps