Following on from last weeks update Conrad and Harry are left to clear up the room. But left to their own devices they soon start to lark around. Harry finds some joke underwear that look like an elephant and just has to to try them on and then Conrad follows his lead. They are making a rumpus when the door opens and they are caught at it. First harry is OTK and gets his furry little butt spanked hard and then Conrad follows. They are then told to get on with the job at hand and stop the racket. But as soon as they are alone the blame game starts and they are bickering loudly. This time the when the door opens they are faced with the paddle. Kneeling side by side on the couch they are paddled in turn and left in no doubt that they have crossed the line.

preview for update named Orrin College Studiespreview for update named Orrin homework part 2