Mik has an admirer and he has a habit of calling him for phone sex. Mik is a horny guy and it always gets him off and as he talks he is stripping off and tugging at his dick. The trouble is he is in the lounge and has not thought about the clean up after, so at the right moment he rolls over and cums on the newspaper. His fun over he dresses and leaves the room. Craig comes in for a relax and sits to read the paper – he opens it and Miks jizz is inside, not quite what he was expecting to see in the news. He calls Mik back and confronts him with the evidence. This type of selfish behavior is not on and Mik is pulled OTK and spanked hard, as always with Craig. Mik gets it on the jeans and underwear and finally on the bare butt, but in ruining Craigs afternoon he has overstepped the mark and finds himself made to kneel on the sofa while Craig takes the belt to his ass. Each stroke is harder and Mik is almost trying to push his face into the wall in pain. Craig then takes the lad back OTK for a final flourish of spanking before cautioning Mik about any further acts of stupidity

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