Mik and harry are walking through the forest when they are accosted and wagered to spank each other there and then. After a discussion and some cash being waved around they agree. Harry leans up against a tree and Mik spanks him with his hand on the tracksuit bottoms. Then Harry has a go at spanking Mik on the jeans. OK so the scene is set and Mik makes Harry drop his trackies and gives him some healthy spanks with his hand. Harry then takes a turn with Mik in his boxers. This is followed by a bare butt spanking by each lad. Now Mik ups the stakes and takes his belt to Harrys hairy bare butt. He lays it on nice and hard and Harry seems to be having second thoughts about the wager. Harry takes the belt to Miks bare butt but its no contest really, Mik is a clear winner.

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