After a long week I like to relax a little in private, as we all do. This time I had asked Mik and David to come round. David had the idea that we should film it, he would film Mik and then Mik would film him. So thats what we did. And here we have Mik, who elected to go first – you will see David in a couple of weeks time. So what we did was set one camera on a tripod looking at Miks rear – a Butt Cam – and the other David had and was roving around the whole scene. These are long shots with no edits, except when I move the tripod cam – there is no story just spanking. So you have a nice choice, the Butt Cam – the Roving Cam or Both Cams in a joint clip Mik is a great lad and spanking him is a real pleasure – a lovely smooth butt. Starting OTK with a hand warm up he starts to colour up nicely. This is followed by the strap OTK. Then a break as he he is positioned for the cane, which makes some nice stripes on his rear. Then back OTK for the paddle with its thwacks making him clench tightly and finally the brush. At each stage he is stroked and comforted, and the spanking is mixed in with a few swats with the hand to keep his suspense going. The brush makes him cry out loudly and buck and wriggle, his rear already nicely marked from all the previous spanking. After a nice long spanking Mik cuddles up for a hug, he is always like this but it is never seen in his clips usually. A good range of spankings with the ever popular Mik.

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