As Craig tries to read in the kitchen the two lads are creating a rumpus in the salon. They are fighting and shouting and making a real racket. Craig storms intot he room and drags the fighting lads apart and reads them the riot act. They are still laughing and giggling as their spirits are high. So OTK they go and Craig cracks some great strokes onto their jeans. The lads though are making faces at each other and still acting the fool so Craig decides more has to be done. He tells the lads to strip naked and then he leaves the room. The lads are bickering now about who got who into trouble. Craig returns with the paddle and the boys look a little worried. But this is not what Craig has in mind, He lays down one lad and then stacks the other on top, Now he uses the paddle on both butts in turn. However, just in case one is getting it easier than the other he swaps the lads over and carries on paddling. Two red butts and all the impulse to play around has gone, a job well done.

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