Jacob is taking an afternoon nap in the lounge and is dreaming of goodness knows what, bu his cock growing harder in his underwear is a clue I suspect. As he wakes up and he gets harder it is natural for him to start to jerk off. He is caught red handed – again! This time he is taken to the shower and the cold water turned on to cool his desires. As he stands shivering in the shower, with his cock shrivelling up he tries to move away from the cold water only to be grabbed and placed back under the icy jet. Shivering and shaking with cold Jacob is stripped naked and left there to think about things for a while. Finally he is pulled from the shower and while he is still soaking wet spanked hard OTK. How many guys should be treated like this as a cure for those habits that lads have? All I should think. Jacob takes his spanking well and is set away with his tail between his legs and showing a lovely red butt.

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