Gerry helps himself to whatever is around, we know his light fingered habits of old, and this time he has found a packet of chips that are not his and he sits down to eat them. But this he really has bitten off more than he can chew, the chips belong to Raoul. Now Raoul is new to us but is an experienced spanker and does not play around. He throws Gerry over his knee and wallops him hard, Gerry is a squirming complaining brat and Raoul has to resort to harsher methods, he actually pins Gerry down by standing on him at one point. These brats are used to being able to deflect a lot of swats by squirming and wriggling but with Raoul there is no escape. Gerrys butt is a picture at the end and while he might lay there and feel sorry for himself he has yet to notice that the chips are all over the fllor and he will have to clean them up or get another pasting.

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