Starting with the cane his little butt, hard from all the gym he does, gets some stripes. The cane is always good at raising a few welts. Then the wide strap, that leaves a very distinctive mark, which makes him hop up and down a little. The swats are hard enough that at the end of the session the strap actually breaks if you watch closely – thats one hard ass boy. Swapping over to the paddle Cal is taking it well. His ass is looking great with its range of marks so far. Then OTK for the brush and that really makes him jump around. The brush adds a deep colour to the already glowing buns. Then a final set with the rubber strap and this baby really stings like hell. Cals legs wobble and buckle at each stroke. But he has firmed it out and taken it all. Kudos and a handshake well deserved.

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