Starting with a small recap of the end of the last clip the brats paddling finishes and he is sent off to the shop. Emerging he has nothing but a tin of beer which he drinks on the way home, kicking the can away and littering in the process. Once inside he is asked for the shopping he was sent for and the smell of the beer is detected. he is stripped and bent over a chair and gets his ass caned. His dance as the cane strokes fall are matched with the yelps and the swinging of his junk. Once his ass is caned he is then OTK for the table tennis bat, a wide impact on the cane strokes to add a little heat to his already blazing ass. Kicking and squirming it is clear he is leaning a lesson. A great climax to how to deal with your brat.

preview for update named Cal gets a paddlingpreview for update named Cal strapped