Behind the Scenes

This is an impromptu clip, so it is filmed on the go, so it is raw, rough and ready. There was a bit of a difference of opinion and some shouting. The cameraman grabbed the camera and came to see [...]

Ricky Cane and Belt

Something a little different for Ricky, as requested by BT in the USA. Ricky is tied to the wall restraints and waits for his spanking. First off is a set with the cane. This gives his ass some [...]

Crafty Mark

Mark is trying to be crafty and sneak out even though he is grounded. He thinks he is being quiet and peeks round the door to make sure he is alone. Little does he know that he is being watched [...]

Enough Attitude

Cal has had enough with Arthurs attitude and has scheduled a spanking. He calls the lad in to the room and gets him OTK. Cal lays it in well on the jeans for a few swats before he tells Arthur to [...]

Meet Leon

Leon said he was a tough lad and didnt want the usual introduction to our team, he wanted to jump in the deep end. So thats exactly what he got. It was decided, not by him, that the best way [...]

Philip Belt

The bathroom was left in a mess and Philip is the culprit. He is thrown down on the couch and given the belt. His ass is presented perfectly and is glowing in no time at all. With one leg up on [...]

Arthur caught out

Arthur is meant to be studying but he is surfing the net instead. There is only one way to deal with this and that is to paddle his ass. The slim paddle is ideal for this. His butt looks great in [...]

Straight to bed 2

As we saw last time Mark was sent to bed to think over the error of his ways. But of course that is the last thing on his mind and he has the phone in one hand and his dick in the other. The fact [...]

Straight to bed

Mark is in trouble, as usual, and he is getting a spanking before being sent to bed early. He is wearing a pair of tight blue jeans that really hug his ass and make it a delightful target. Not [...]

Connor slips up

Connor is walking through the salon is just a towel, which is frowned upon at the best of times, when it slips of and he is butt naked. That is a breach of the rules and he finds himself ass up [...]