Ricky take that

Already in trouble Ricky is semi naked when he is marched into the room and thrown across the desk. He struggles and protests at his spanking. He has to be held in place to stop him winging so [...]

An unexpected turn

A lazy Philip is bought to task over his ways and finds himself leaning against the unit for a paddling with the ping pong bat. A good classic Philip spanking follows with the inevitable result [...]

Harry in Trouble

Having been kept back after classes Harry has to do some serious study. But no sooner is he left alone than he looses interest, gets bored and falls asleep. Woken from his blissful state by a [...]

Not in the Kitchen

Having been told to clean his room the very last thing Philip should do is wander into the kitchen stark naked. But that is exactly what he does. He is almost thrown against the unit and finds [...]

Over my Knee

It’s not long since Philips last spanking and he has to be called back and have the rules explained to him again. Why do lads never take on board what is told to them, what the red ass [...]

Oh Conrad

Grabbing the first thing to hand when he sees the mess that Conrad has left the bathroom in means that this is the first time Conrad gets a spanking with the shoe horn. The long slender shoe horn [...]

Mark Paddled

Mark is called into the salon and he wanders in as bold as brass stark naked. He obviously does not know the rules about walking around naked. Well he is about to get a lesson he will remember. [...]

Conrad Caned

This clip was made for a private client who also wrote the script, to celebrate his birthday. He was so happy that he has asked me to share it with everyone. This is a very formal and paced clip [...]