If you go down to the forest 2

After his first forest spanking Philip should have learned how to behave, no such luck. A Paddling in the warm sunlight is just what is needed and just what he gets. Still scared stiff that [...]

Cal on the table

A requested clip for Cal by RK USA. It is unusual to get a request for a lad to be spanked with the long shoe horn, especially Cal, so it was a must do. Cal in his tight white underwear looks [...]

Back to the forest

Well it is kind of going home for the paddle, back with all the trees. Mik however, does not see it quite like that. Craig is a master with the paddle and he really lays it on Mik, and lets face [...]

Philip learns the hard way

Philip has been wearing Rickys T-shirt and Ricky is furious about it. After confronting Philip and finding a could not care less attitude Ricky retreats for a moment to fetch the ping pong bat. [...]

David a good all rounder

A bit of an impromptu clip, it just happened and thats why the lighting is a little rough and ready. David was bragging and carrying on so it was decided to see if he is as good as his word. He [...]

Philip Caned

We have had a lot of requests for Philip to be caned in various situations. This clip is the most requested scenario. Marched in and told to bend over the table Philip sees two canes produced, [...]

Mik in the forest

Mik is marched up to a tree for a spanking with the belt. Making the most of the dog days of summer by spanking guys outdoors Craig really enjoys this spanking. Mik yelps as his ass gets a good [...]

Not good enough Milo

After what he thinks is a tough workout Milo is puffing and panting. But coach is far from impressed and he berates Milo before hoisting him up OTK. With his legs kicking and moaning and [...]

Conrad’s Prank

Conrad knows the rules of the house but he has a naughty mischievous side, so he decides to bring the coffee naked. laughing as he does it he is chased and caught and OTK in a flash. His small [...]

Late Home

Jeff is very late home from College and it does not matter that he looks sheepish and apologetic about it. There is only one way to treat tardiness and thats a good spanking and thats just what [...]

The Error of His Ways

Jeff is going out for the evening and pops his head round the door to say bye. He foolishly turns his back and a stolen can of beer is spotted in his back pocket. Confronted with this there is [...]

David gets the Crop

David is naked and presents his pert ass for a session with the riding crop. This makes him jump and squirm as it stings like hell. His butt looks a picture as the crop does its work. David is a [...]