Philip in Trouble Again

Requested by CS in France. Marched into the office Philip knows he is in trouble again. He drops his trousers when ordered and bends over the desk. He gets some good whacks from the small paddle [...]

Three Together

The lads are all having a moan about things in general and the last thing they expected was to be caught by Craig. He is not impressed that they are all sat around bitching and moaning so he [...]

Early One Morning

Jeff wanders into the kitchen in his underwear yawning his head off. He knows full well that he should be dressed when walking around the house and being half asleep is no excuse. He finds [...]

Yes Officer

The two lads have been out on a shoplifting spree and are well pleased with themselves. That is until they are caught by a rather unhappy policeman. They are marched into the office and find [...]

If you go down to the forest

If you go down to the forest you are in for a big surprise, well Philip was anyway. What better on a sunny day than spank and cute guy outdoors. Philips ass in the dappled sunlight of the forest [...]

David a paddling

David strips naked and adopts the position and the paddle appears. This makes him buck nicely and the bloom on his ass is lovely to see as it grows. David has a butt just made for spanking, small [...]

Locker room thief

Feeling unhappy at his last spanking Milo decides, foolishly, to see if anyone has left anything worth stealing in their clothes in the locker room. He is so occupied he doesn’t hear two [...]

David Late

Late home from College David is told to drop his trousers and adopt the position ready for a taste of the belt. This starts off with some nice swats on his tight white underwear before revealing [...]

Coach is not happy

Milo is met by a very angry coach when he gets to the locker room. He is late for training and that is not allowed. He finds himself roughly pulled OTK and a few hard swats on his short trousers. [...]

Philip not good enough

Philip has just sat down after a tiring training session and a shower. He thinks things have been tough up to now but worse is to come. He is told he has not given his best today in his training [...]

Keep it up

Philip is being punished two way in this clip. First he has to keep the two footballs at arms length and not drop them, secondly he gets the paddle applied to his muscular ass. The blue underwear [...]

Caught Out

Eddy is sitting playing with himself when he is caught at it. He finds himself getting the slim paddle kneeling on the sofa. He is told to keep on playing with himself but it is to no avail as [...]