Get out of that

Ricky is kneeling on the couch unaware that he is going to be held in place by the balls. and spanked. Once his bits are firmly grasped he has to look back in that cute way he does, to check that [...]

Morning Glory

You would have thought that Philip would have be a wise lad and got out of bed after his wake up spanking the other day. But no, he has snuggled down and gone back to sleep. This time he has no [...]

Wake up Philip

Lazing in bed all day is something that Philip enjoys and something he is not supposed to do. He is really enjoying his sleep when he gets a rude awakening, the covers are pulled back and the [...]

Ricky Maintenance

One thing Ricky needs is a regular spanking to keep him in line. That and he has a lovely little bum for spanking which is always a good reason. He presents his rear nicely as he leans on the [...]

Eddy Paddled

When we last saw Eddy he was thinking about the spanking he had just had. The penny drops and he decides he is not happy and starts to cus and swear loudly. This is over heard and in a flash he [...]

Philip OTK

A request clip. Philip gets the ping pong bat OTK on his trackies, his light blue underwear and the bare ass. The effect of the bat on his butt by the time his underwear is pulled down is clear, [...]


The look on Miks face during this clip says it all. A good hard paddling for a consistently naughty brat. Does he deserve it, you bet he does. Does he get it hard, you see he does. This is a [...]

Ricky shock

This is a request clip for HH. Ricky strips off and lays down, the pillows and blankets raising his butt to the perfect spanking position. He has a super butt at the best of times but raised up [...]

Meet Eddy

Eddy has been hanging around for a while. He is curious and wants to experience a spanking but he is also a little worried. He has never been spanked in his life and he was more than a little [...]

He Needs the Brush

One of the Mik in trouble series and this time he is called to go OTK and get the brush. A quick check of the brush and Mik is called in and told to drop his trousers and underwear and get a good [...]

Philip Never Learns

This clip is by overwhelming request. Here we see Philip in front of the head again, in his summer shorts, for being unruly. There is only one course of action and that is to paddle the lad. The [...]

He needs the Belt

Mik is in trouble as usual and he is called to go OTK and get the belt. The opening with dad getting ready is a good tension builder and the spanking that follows makes Miks butt glow well. Its [...]

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