Not a good attitude

Cal was supposed to leave after his OTK the other day, but he was so unhappy that he was spanked after his absence that he kicks the chair in a moment of pique. Of course this is heard and he [...]

Cal Calls In

It’s been a while since we saw Cal and he had no reasonable excuse for not showing up or sending a text message. So he is told to strip off and present himself for an OTK spanking to remind [...]

Harry Paddled

This position for Harry is a request that has been outstanding for a while. Naughty impish Harry is in trouble again and this time he is dragged over the knee so fast he ends up legs spread and [...]

Just what the Doctor ordered

This clip has been requested and scripted by Dr van Spanking. I think he has managed to capture just about all the requests we have had for Philip. Berated for his attitude the strap is laid on [...]

Twelve for Philip

The amount of requests we have had for Philip to get the cane has been staggering. We had already made this clip where he gets the riding crop which was planned for a few weeks time. But we [...]

Harry Hoisted

Harry is marched into the room and has his underwear pulled down before he finds himself hoisted up OTK. Legs dangling and face down his furry little bum is now a perfect target. The plus is [...]

Luke A Surprise

Luke is a lad with attitude and he always looks surly and willful. He is one of those lads who needs a regular spanking to keep him in line. However, this time he has a surprise in store and I [...]

Philip in Trouble

This clip is based on a request from RJ in Australia. Philip is front of the head for being a lazy student. He looks a little brow beaten and knows things are not going to end well, Which is not [...]

Jeff Paddled

This is a requested clip for TF in Canada. It’s a wonder that lads never understand that actions, or lack or them, have consequences. Jeff is no exception here, he has been spanked and told [...]

Horny Harry

When I say horny I actually mean he is spanked with a long shoe horn rather than anything else. Kneeling on the couch he presents his furry little bum nicely for his spanking. Always a vocal lad, [...]

Must be spring

Rick is still laying around doing nothing and he even manages to look really surly when confronted. This ends with him kneeling on the couch and getting his ass strapped. As the strap make sits [...]

Tristram Paddled

Tristram is told to strip off and kneel on the couch ready for a paddling. He does that but leaves on his boxers and realises they have to come off in readiness. The paddle appears and the [...]

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