Gerry Room

Gerry is passing James room when he notices the door ajar and decides to go on the rob, we know Gerry of old and his thieving ways. Tony catches him and finds a few stolen notes on him. Gerry is [...]

Gary Excuses

Gary arrives at his uncles and comes out with along stream of weak excuses for being late. Uncle – Mr Lewitski – takes as much as he can stand before he snaps and gets Gary OTK for the hiding of [...]

David – A Point of View

Something a little different in this update. The camera is attached to the spanker to give a full clip from his point of view – it is almost as if you are the top yourself. All in one shot as it [...]

David Porn

David is watching porn and he really should not be. He has studies and knows better. Craig comes into the room and catches him red handed – or is that cock handed? He really wallops David OTK and [...]

Eric Craig

Another short sharp shock for eric. He has been left a note to do the dishes but cant be bothered. Craig teaches him that sloth is not the way to get on in the world. Spanked standing up by hand [...]

Liam Kitchen

Liam is cooking and in the middle of things he gets a call and has to go to his room to check a price in a magazine he gets chatting and forgets the pan which is now dry and filling the place [...]

Mik bill

Mik is confronted with a mobile bill in this the latest in our short sharp shock series. he gets a darned good hiding and rightly so. He is OTK and if thats not enough he gets a stern set with [...]

Matt Kitchen

Matt is told to do the dishes a start, bored in seconds he abandons the task and sits down only to be caught. His ass is spanked a beautiful bright red and then he is made to carry on doing the [...]


Mr Lewitski catches Gary fiddling round with the DVD’s after being told to leave them alone. He gives Gary a good hard spanking in clip in our short sharp shock series. Mr Lewitski has a fixed [...]