Hot hung and ready the twink is spanked and caressed until he shoot his load….Great shots off his butt as Tony spanks and wanks him….The boy jacks himself to a good load as the [...]

Liam Eric – Football

A film inspired by the creative art works of Franco. The two lads are playing football before returning to the locker room for a shower, here they play around in a towel fight and get caught by [...]

Graham Cane

Graham gets the cane while restrained……a good g=hard canning here and this lad has been in the gym lately and it shows in tight little buns that are starting to look as good as his [...]

Sam and Gary

Sam is a sweet face lad who gets Gary into trouble several times before being caught. He has a great little bum that goes bright red as he is spanked hard for being a sneak.

Gena Measure

Gena, a horny guy anyway, gets his cock out of his tighty whities and measures up soft….Not a bad size at all and for that he gets the birch on the white underwear his small ass twitching [...]

Kel Gary

Kel is just finishing of some sms to friends before he goes for a shower. Gary sneaks into his room to use his mobile to watch porn and jack off. kel returns from the shower is damned angry at [...]


What a great way to spank a lad…head over heels – you get to see his face as you swat and see his open butt tighten as the blows hit home..lovely

Mik Porn

Mik is caught playing with himself instead of being ready to go out. After a good long OTK he gets the belt as a reminder of his error in judgement.