The three lads have been ordered round and spanked for some hours and they have just about reached the limit…..They look at Tim as he starts to lay down the ideas for the next shot and then [...]


A light hearted OTK for Tim…..It is refreshing to see two guys relaxing and having fun with spanking….there is a place for play in the world of discipline and these lads have great [...]

Tarmo And Alex

Tarmo and Alex are being naughty and fake a spit roast with a toy bear and are laughing and playing around…..They are meant tot be working – preparing for the next [...]

3 Boys Play

Dimas, Gena and Max are playing around – it was the last film before Christmas and they were very hyper…They get caught and are made to lay in a line for a taste of the [...]

Tim Measure

Tim gets his uncut cock out and measures up…..He gets one swat for each Cm soft……He then measures up hard and gets a swat for each of those Cm as well….Nice close up shots [...]


Gena was being a bit to arrogant when he came down this time. He thinks that just because he has a big cock and a pretty face that he can get away with anything…Well we had news for [...]

Gena CB

Gena has a great cock and a cute ass….and he is now pretty open about being turned on by a spanking…..So here we see him get a set with the carpet beater and a good stiff [...]

Keith and Graham

Keith and Graham are discussing the spanking they have just had and decide that the Master is loosing his touch ‘ he hits like a girl ‘….trouble is they get overheard and get a [...]

Christmas 2010

The two lads said they had an idea for the Christmas clip and they went off and made this – I added the little bit at the end..Poor Santas halper is fed up in the snow and storms off to sit [...]

3 Boys Line

The three lads line up for an in turn spanking, a nice selection of cute butt for a lazy afternoon. The cane soon makes short work of the cocky lads – and some nice cock as well just [...]

Tommy Measure

There are all sorts of reason to spank a lad, and what better way than to punish him for what he has between his legs……Here Tommy gets a good 10 swats for his soft uncut cock – [...]

Dimas Lexen

A good combination – Dimas and the LEXAN paddle. What a lad, what an ass and as always what a clip. He bends over the chair, he lays up the chair, he knells on the chair, he stands and rubs [...]

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