Tristram came up to stay for a few days, after his last efforts to impress Rod and failing, but he has set his mind that it will be a soft place to stay and acts as such. He eats a big bag of popcorn and then snuggles down on the couch for a sleep. Now Craig is a fairly house proud guy and likes the place to be reasonably tidy and he is unimpressed by the scene that confronts him in the salon. Tristram gets a rude awakening and is OTK and getting a walloping. The struggling lad gets what he needs for making a mess and his ass is telling the whole story nicely. Craig stops and makes Tristram start to pick up the mess while he leaves the room. Tristram may have thought it was all over but Craig returns with the strap and he is soon back over Craig knee getting a strapping. One good spanking later Tristram is back cleaning up the mess and wondering if he did the right thing coming to stay for a few days.

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