Rod has a great roof top apartment, it has a lawn. Trouble is Rod is always busy and has so little time to cut the grass. He has asked Tristram to do the job for him. It is a lovely sunny afternoon and ideal for mowing a lawn. However, as he tries to use the mower it appears to be rusted up and not working properly. After a few tries he gives up and sits down on the sun for a sleep. Rod comes back is not impressed to find his gardener asleep int he sun. Grabbing him by the ear he drags the lad inside and gives him a spanking to remember. OTK and getting a roasted rump Tristram learns that sleeping is the sun gets him tanned in a different way to the one he wanted. Rod brings out a lovely glow on the sexy little butt and makes sure that the lad remembers to get on with his work in future.

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