Toby the music is too loud Cal is trying to do the monthly accounts and is just starting to get to grips with it when there is loud music booming through the place, he shouts for it to be turned down but nothing happens. He storms out the room and reappears with Toby in tow. He shouts at the lad and tells him the loud music is really not on and that he should try and think of others when he is playing it. The sullen faced lad is unswayed and as a result finds himself bum upwards OTK and getting a good hiding. Trousers down and his under his grey underwear his quivering little bum is starting to tingle a lot. When Cal pulls them down Tobys butt is already looking really well spanked, one of those guys that gets a beautiful set of marks quickly. Of course Toby has a different opinion and his face shows that the spanking is making its point as well as making its mark. Once the point has been made Cal shoves the lad off of his knee and while he is on the floor, rubbing his throbbing bum, Cal grabs a hold of him and issues a final warning. Lets hope that Cal now has the peace and quiet to finish his paperwork.

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