Toby is doing what lads do when left to their own devices, one good reason to keep them busy at all times. However, he should be doing other things and just after he has finished and cleaned up in comes Craig in a terrible mood. Hard working and not best pleased with lazy lads he makes a grab for Toby, who is trying to get away, and gets him OTK. As Toby has not bothered to dress completely his ass is getting a good spanking straight away. The tighty whiteys are soon down and the lovely glowing bum is now an open target. Craig is getting into his swing when he calls a break for a minute or so as he has to leave the room, Toby is left standing facing the wall waiting for part 2. Craig comes back and takes up where he left off and really lays into the lazy lad. A great hard OTK spanking from Craig.

preview for update named Conrad learns a lessonpreview for update named Conrad learns a lesson part 2