Toby is already in trouble and kneeling on the coffee table trousers down as Cal contemplates his punishment. This humiliation last only long enough for Cal to grab the ping pong bat and take up position beside the prone lad. The swats start and Tobys face shows a mix of emotions, pleasure and pain. Cal is not pulling the strokes and Tobys butt is soon a nice colour and getting a deeper red by the minute. But things are not quite as they seem and Toby is getting noticeably excited. Cal carries on spanking the lovely smooth little butt unaware of what is happening below. Tobys moans of pain start to change and he is suddenly groaning as he cums and pumps a huge load over the table. Always good to see a lad get the full benefit of a spanking. Cal sees what has happened and gets a box of tissues and leaves the lad to clean up as he returns to the couch and his magazine.

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