The question was asked the other day, do the guys enjoy being spanked? Well this is the first of a series of clips that will go to show that they do, they reveal the consequences of a spanking for some of the guys. First clip is Conrad enjoying himself alone one afternoon and getting caught. A spanking with the long shoe horn seems to do the trick as he does not loose interest and in the end cannot hold back and dumps his load on the couch. Just to make it fair he has to clean it up after the spanking has finishedCaught watching porn and amusing himself Conrad finds himself OTK and getting spanked. As much as he tries to ignore what is happening while he is spanked, and his contorted face say he is trying hard it is no good. In his state of excitement it is all to much and before long he is dumping his load. But this is just a sample of what happens to Eric on Saturday. last we saw of Eric he was marched into the salon, when there he experiences his own ‘cosequneces’

preview for update named Renier bathroom messpreview for update named Rod