Nothing like a quiet drink to sit and think over all the things that have annoyed you in the last few days, and Ricky makes a mental list ready for when Toby comes into the room. Pouncing on him and getting Toby OTK and landing some really heavy swats on his jeans covered ass he is smiling at the long long list that Toby has to pay for. The wry smile he has all the way through the clip adds something special as it is the real him showing through. Toby of course gets a hard dick as his butt gets hotter and hotter, always great to see a spankee enjoying it in all ways. Rickys hand on Tobys side is just far enough round to be able to feel the lads hard dick and he flicks it at the same time as spanking his ass. This is too much for Toby and he cums. Ricky gives the horny lad a few extra hard swats and throws him on the floor, job done but Toby seems to have enjoyed the whole thing far too much for a naughty bottom.

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