In a chat with Ricky it came out that he has ideas for clips, things he would like to do. We chatted and it was surprising how much detail he went in to. So here is Rickys clip as he wanted to make it. Mik is suspend and Ricky has a selection of toys that he uses. He works his way through the paddle, the brush, the strap and then the cane. When he uses the brush he does a lovely spin and hits with the bristles now and then to keep Mik on the edge, clever I thought. If you listen you hear Ricky spanking to a football beat – he is a huge football fan and it is a nice glimpse into his character. Then a dissolve to Mik tied over a chair and again Ricky works his way through the cane, the birch – which he made himself – and back to the paddle. This time however, Ricky shows how much he is enjoying it and stips off and makes Mik suck his dick. He keeps spanking while he does it of course. All this builds up and Ricky has to finish things off by jerking over Miks ass. A super sexy clip and totally out of the blue from Ricky.

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