Sean is bored, very bored. He lies in bed and looks at his phone, boring. He goes to the kitchen and makes a coffee and goes to watch TV, boring. So as all lads do he decides to amuse himself, he lowers the blinds and starts to jack off in the kitchen. Sean has an impressive size dick and it’s not long before he shoots a big load over the floor. He leaves his jizz where it is and walks off to look at the PC. Pat returns is furious at seeing this and Drags Sean to the kitchen where he bends him over the table and spanks him on the PJ’s and bare ass before making Sean clean up the mess. Still angry at the blatant abuse of his hospitality Pat bends Sean over the work unit and spanks him again, but it is not enough. He retires for a moment to get a slipper and finish the job. The slipper makes Sean yelp nicely, and struggle fruitlessly. With a final lecture Sean is dismissed and Pat simply stands and looks after him wondering maybe if the lad really has learned a lesson this time.

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