Conrad is tasked with painting the room, not a difficult or time consuming job. Despite his cheekiness he gets on with it. He makes a good start and is getting on well when his mind starts to wander and he gives up painting to sit down and do something else. He enjoys a quick tug at his dick only to be caught wet handed as it were. he is made to bend over the chair and get a spanking. He seems to change attitude at the end, but will it last. Forward in the day and Conrad has made good progress. But he is bored, as lads always are with jobs, and starts to play around with the paint, hand prints and rude pictures on the wall. Confronted in a deceptively lighthearted way. This time he finds himself OTK and getting the paddle. His legs flail and he wiggles around but as always he gets more out of the spanking than he should. Yes he dumps a second load while being spanked. One of the great things about spanking this naughty guy. A super clip as always from Conrad.

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