Murray has just finished his morning jerk and is playing around with his load. Reaching for his wank rag he cleans up and puts the wet cloth under the pillow, what a dirty habit. He then grabs some boxers and heads off to the bathroom for his morning ablutions. While he is gone Craig comes in to change the bed clothes and put them in the wash, when he grabs the wet rag he is taken aback and the smell is enough to tell him what it is. He calls Murray who when confronted is a bit sheepish and has no answer to the question of why he didnt use tissues like anyone else. Craig gets him OTK and lands a few hard stokes on the black boxers to show his disapproval. They are pulled down and his smooth little bum gets the same treatment. Craig decides it needs a bit more and saying nothing to give it away he drops Murray on the floor and leaves the room. Murray thinks its all over and rubgbing his sore butt he crawls onto the bed and lays down feeling sorry for himself. But Craig returns with the paddle in hand and drags the lad into a kneeling position and whacks his butt good and hard. Finally Craig makes the throbbing assed lad strip the bed and get it ready for the laundry.

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