Mik was allowed to go to a party but with conditions. One was being home on time, which he wasnt, and the other that he behaves himself. In the morning Craig is sorting the laundry and guess what he finds in Miks bundle of clothes, a condom. Already annoyed this is the last straw and Craig storms off and into Miks bedroom, where the lad is laying sleeping with a hangover. He wakes up as he is lifted up and thrown OTK and Craig starts to lay into his butt. From half a wake to wide awake in a few hard swats Mik is now in a world of hurt. His butt starts to get that lovely naughty red glow that we all want to see. But Craig is way beyond annoyed and he throws Mik down onto the bed and gets him kneeling, ass prone and ready. Off comes Craigs belt and thwack he lays it across Miks butt. A great shot here of Miks tackle waving in synch with the Craigs belt action. The lad is now realising that all has been found out and that this is the price to pay.

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