Cal from time to time likes a doughnut, he has them rarely as he is always training and watching his calorie intake, so this is a special treat for him. Planning to eat them later he pops them in the fridge and heads off to do some paper work. In the house is Mik another doughnut lover and the discovery in the fridge of the doughnuts is just too much and they vanish along with Mik. When Cal catches Mik eating his prized doughnuts what does Mik do…He smirks, this is like the worst thing to do when a treat has been ruined. Cal grabs him and throws him OTK and spanks him hard, on the jeans and then the underwear – he pauses to remove his top as it is hot work and then he carries on spanking his greedy brother. But Cal is really furious this time and spanking the duy is simply not enough, he pushes Mik onto the floor and leaves the room only to return with a paddle in his hand. Pushed into a kneeling position Miks butt gets a good paddling while he gets an ear bashing at the same time…..So what price doughnuts? A well tanned ass appears to be the going rate.

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