Having already been noted for being absent Conrad is foolish to think that by sneaking into his room he can look like he has been studying all day. But he does not even make an effort to study and starts to play a game on his laptop. Caught red handed and unable to say anything in his defence Conrad is dragged by the ear over to the bed and thrown down OTK. He is told to stand and drop ém and gets some more of the lesson in learning. His bare ass is spanked well and the lad is told to go back to his studies. But attitude gets the better of him and he gives the finger and goes back to his game. Not sure that the lad has learned his lesson he is checked on again and caught out a second time. He is OTK again and gets a real walloping while he looks at the carpet. He seems to get the point this time and even though his butt is hot from all that spanking he is making an effort to do some studying.

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