Jimmy is called repeatedly for breakfast but keeps going back to sleep. This is most inadvisable when it is Craig who is calling you. In the end Craig comes back to the bedroom and this time he has the strap with him and he does wake Jimmy up this time, by lifting him out of his slumber by the ear. He than makes the lad roll his blanket and place it on the bed and lay over it to present his butt for a wake up call of its own. Craig does not pull the strokes ever and here he lays on the strap hard enough to make Jimmy yelp. He places a hand in the small of Jimmys back and keeps him pinned down, it also helps keeps his smooth little butt raised nicely. The moaning and protesting lad is spanked hard and thoroughly and there is no doubt he has decided to buy an alarm clock to stop this rude awakening again in the future.

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