Jimmy has borrowed Rickys T-shirt without asking and this is a guaranteed way to annoy him big time. So it is no wonder that when Ricky finds Jimmy wearing his T-shirt the lad is grabbed and up ended and finds himself being spanked hard by an angry man. OTK and squirming and crying out he gets it on the jeans and the underwear from Ricky. Once his underwear is down Ricky is fed up trying to hold him and lays Jimmy across the sofa and sit on top of him and uses both hands to spank the sexy lads smooth ass, dont often see this position used so its a nice change. But Ricky is furious and there is no way this is enough for the thieving lad so leaving Jimmy for a moment he heads off only to return with a brush in hand. This is what Jimmy needs and his howls are testament to the effectiveness of the brush. Again the struggling brat needs to be sat on, laying flat this time, to stop him trying to get away. Jimmy is close to sobbing and Ricky really lays it on to teach him a lesson. In the end Jimmy is left in a tearful state and Ricky leaves with his T-shirt. Nice to see both Ricky back and even better to see Jimmy with his super smooth butt getting what he deserves

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