Jeff is woken up for breakfast and the fist thing he does he reach for his phone. Straight to the porn and this added to his morning wood gets him started. He suddenly hears someone coming and quickly covers himself up and pretends to be asleep. He is told again to get up and get to breakfast. Left alone he again starts to play with himself and is just starting to enjoy himself when he is caught. He is dragged out of bed and OTK in a flash and gets his cute little spanked. Told in no uncertain terms to have a shower and get to breakfast he heads off to the bathroom. Once in the shower it is a matter of time before he starts to play with himself again except this time with the door ajar he is apprehended quickly and even though he is wet from head to toe he finds himself back in the bedroom and OTK. being spanked on a wet ass really stings and it shows on Jeffs face. A super little bum on this guy that needs a regular spanking even if he is not naughty.

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