Gerry makes a wager with Matt as they arm wrestle, the best of three. First winner is Matt, the forfeit is a spanking. Matt has not taken this seriously and after Gerry has removed his trousers and gone OTK he laughs and slaps his ass playfully. Round two is a win for Gerry and now Matt has to remove his trousers and get a spanking OTK, a lot harder as Gerry plays for keeps. Round three is the winner take all round. Gerry struggles with a wry smirk and it is not an easy win. He stands up and makes Matt suck his dick as he removes his T shirt. Then he sits down and demands that Matt sit on his hard cock. From here on Gerry fucks Matt hard and fast and grabs every chance he can to give some hard spanks to the lads ass. Matt takes it well and Gerry pounds his ass ending up doggy, thrusting and spanking as hard as he can. Finally Gerry shoots his load over Matts backside and rubs it around before spanking Matts cum wet ass with a final few hard swats.

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