Gerry comes home late and frankly does not care at all, his attitude is really not the right thing to present Uncle and he finds himself in hot water very quickly. Despite his thrashing round and desparate attempts not to find himself looking at the carpet OTK he gets pinned under Uncles arm and a right good walloping follows. His red bum is a nice match for the pink briefs that are pulled down. But as Uncle finishes Gerry stands up and is protesting again and giving more of his brat attitude. Knowing this needs to be nipped in the bud Uncle gets the belt and gives some strokes with for good measure, but this brat behaviour has gone to far and for a finale Uncl;e gets a yard long shoe horn and lays on some cracking swats. Gerry, rubbing his butt, is left in no doubt that he has to mend his ways.

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